More Frivolous Lawsuit Crap

Charles Gray vs. John McAfee vs. John Olson gets more crazy every day. Here’s a shot of Big Mac himself, with his hands on MY PLANE!

And another shot I found at  I did not edit this photo!

According to my attorney, whom I have on retainer and whom I have no reason to doubt, last week John McAfee called her office and tried to scumbag her away from me. The purpose of this action? To better point the finger at me.

Scumbagging? verb: when Client B attempts to hire an attorney out from under Client A.

Fingering? another verb: to point the finger of guilt away from one’s self and at another.

Well now. Let’s see if we’ve got this straight… John McAfee (think McAfee anti-virus software king), who by all accounts has about a gazillion dollars, and who also seems to have teams of lawyers, who by some accounts has scurried off to Belize where he apparently has hired every single stinkin’ lawyer in the entire country!… John McAfee wants…


Now, with that in mind, we might ask ourselves… WHY?  Why, would John McAfee want MY lawyer? I mean, lawyers are like the fallen leaves, like fishes in the sea, like grains of sand on the beach. Like fleas on a lousy dog! Here in America, here are enough lawyers to go around. One thing we don’t lack here in the “country of laws” is lawyers. Right? Well, two reasons for John McAfee’s scumbagging come to mind: either he wants to help me, or he wants to fuck me over. As I see it, there is just no middle ground.

As for the first possibility, I believe we can eliminate that based on the testimony that his two flunkies John Pool and Jim Irwin have given under oath in a legal deposition, wherein they try painting the gringo—me—as a drunk. Here is the gist of their testimony: Charles Gray fell on his ass and busted his face because Ole gave him booze.

Which I categorically deny. Hell, if there was any “giving” going on there it would have been Charles Gray giving the booze to me John Olson. All of you who actually know me realize that I am way to cheap to buy anyone a drink! That’s a one-way street…

Which leaves us with only Option 2: John McAfee wants to fuck me over.

He even went so far as to locate some Rodeo rascal named Russ Mitchell, who apparently was willing to perjure himself on John McAfee’s account, and tell the lawyers that he saw us, Charles Gray and I, in the Rodeo Tavern (shame shame) on that fateful day of June 22, 2007, just hours before Charles Gray claims to have stumbled and fallen, for which he now wants $99,000 plus. For his dental implants! (see below blog entries)

Which I also deny completely; I was never in the Rodeo Tavern with Charles Gray.

Well, I’m wondering how many other of my friends, family and associates see me as a drunk? I have been asking around and I can’t find anyone who considers me a drunk at all. In fact, it is my habit to stop at about two libations, and about all I ever consume is beer and wine. Actually, I consider myself somewhat of a wind snob—an enófile if you will—and I often cook with wine and beer too. You guys should try my drunken New England boiled dinner made with beer sometime, Yum! And my red-wine marinara, wow! But John McAfee, Jim Irwin and John Pool are the only acquaintances I can find who would paint me as a drunk. By the way, Jim Irwin is John McAfee’s 26-year old girlfriend’s father and John Pool is John McAfee’s “ranch foreman”. What do you suppose is in it for these clowns, if they wag the finger of guilt at me?

So, why would John McAfee try scumbagging my attorney?

I can only speculate here, but it seems likely that John McAfee knows that Ole is a poor guy. He must know that I cannot afford unlimited spending on lawyers. He probably figured that if he simply hired my attorney away from me that I would be the big loser. I would have lost my measly retainer and I would have lost whatever ground I made with my attorney and I would be crawling out from under my rock looking for another gunslinger.

In fact, that’s what scumbagging is all about!

So much for my strategy in this case, which was a unified stance between John McAfee and myself. As I see it, neither one of us did anything negligent at all. In fact, as I see it John McAfee did nothing less that provide the finest facilities any triker as ever seen, anywhere in the entire chingada World. Hell, I soloed seven new trikers while I was there and lemme tell ya what—that ain’t easy! And even Charles Gray testifies that the path he was walking on McAfee’s turf was lighted. What the fuck??!

As for me, I am but an innocent bystander, whose only negligence is that I didn’t hold that miserable prick Charles Gray’s pecker while he pissed in the dark!

I really don’t understand why John McAfee has such disdain for me. I only ever did exactly as he asked of me, to the best of my ability. Maybe it’s because I told him right from the git-go that this notion of canyon-running was a dumb idea and that someone was likely to die. Which did indeed come to pass—one might think John McAfee would consider me a bit of an oracle, a seer, a shaman, a soothsayer! But that’s another lawsuit completely—John McAfee and his crowd vs. whoever it is the next-of-kin of the guy who died in Skeleton Canyon with his nephew. That’s a wrongful-death suit, not to be confused with this here frivolous slip-and-fall action.

I got it! John McAfee is just pissed because I never fell for the silly Official Sky Newbie tattoo?

Scumbagging, fingering, perjuring… What will they come up with next? Is the Rodeo soap opera Curse of the Sky Newbies sounding more and more unlikely all the time? Stay tuned boys and girls!

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  1. ay! Ole, me encanta leer tus historias, ojala que no fueran tan serias como parecen, pero esty seguro que esto pasara. cuidate caliman
    juan C

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